Dusty lights? Hard to reach Chandelier? Cobwebs covering your Chandelier? Let us help get it cleaned up and looking like new. Getting your Chandelier cleaned will bring the light back with the lights and glass shining clean.


Chandelier Cleaning logistics

Chandelier Cleaning is not hard task. Maybe you’d like to clean yourself but don’t want to remove each crystal and wash. This is an effective method worth trying out. Place a drop towel under the Chandelier you’d like to clean, you can make your own solution or purchase one. This will take 2 different spray bottles, one with your cleaning solution and with distilled water. First take your cleaning solution and spray the area you’d like cleaned, be sure to make sure the lights are off and bulbs are screwed in tight. Once the cleaner is applied take your distilled water and spay again to rinse off all dirty water remaining on the chandelier.

Cleaning solutions

Hagerty Chandelier Cleaner  •  Sparkle Chandelier Cleaner  •  Schonbek Chandelier Cleaning

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