Solar Panel Cleaning

If you’ve got solar panels you’ve invested in your definitely not going to want to neglect cleaning them. Solar panel cleaning is necessary to get the most out of your investment. They should be cleaned once or twice a year to ensure you’re getting your maximum electricity output. Cleaning Solar Panels on a roof can be challenging especially when they are in hard to reach areas. To clean Solar Panels with a pressure washer is not recommended. Instead all solar panel cleaning should be done with a cleaning solution and a soft bristle brush to remove all debris. Once cleaned you can see an increase in output by as much as 5-30%. Call us today to start getting your money back in your investment.

Cleaning Solar Panels on Roof

While some roofs are easily accessible others are not worth the risk of climbing on.  That’s where we can help, we have ladders up to the heights of 32 feet and poles long enough to extend to reach hard to reach areas.

Solar Panel cleaning with Pressure Washer

Pressure washers can be a great tool to use to get your siding cleaned up or concrete surrounding your house or even to clean up decks. We don’t recommend using them for . You want to get the most out your investment and want them to be working at its maximum potential. We use soft bristle brushes on the solar panels and squeegees removing all build up and getting them back to working the way they should.

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